Tamora Walls Consulting

Tamora Walls Consulting offers Business Services and Grant Writing.
Colony 5
815 W. 63RD Street, Chicago IL
Colony 5 has selected a 1-mile corridor slated to become along 63rd street to grow into an innovation testbed in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. The Civic Tech Challenge and Community “Array of Opportunity” Overlay are derived from past social venture collaborations with City of Chicago, Center for Neighborhood Technology, City of Chicago BCAP, World Business Chicago, the Array of Things Executive Oversight Committee, U.S. Census Bureau, the Illinois Green Buildings Council and a bevy of advisors and allies including community organizations, technologists, researchers, entrepreneurs and municipal leaders collaborating to connect the digital sciences and community development for social and economic impact.

We are smart community architects dedicated to placing a lens on the science and benefit of launching clusters of tech-enabled businesses into distressed retail corridors. We promote the education in and utilization of smart city infrastructures through information sessions, access, and connectivity to key resources focused on growing local economies. Colony 5 is collaborating across several key partnerships to include: Englewood Small Business Development Corporation (Englewood SBDC), the AoT Team, Chicago’s Departments of Innovation and Technology, Planning and Development, and Rocket Wagon Enterprise IoT & Digital services, Chicago Beverage Systems, Reyes Holdings and Great Lakes Coca Cola.
First Defense Legal Aid
815 W. 63rd St. Chicago, IL
FDLA’s Know Your Rights Education Campaigns conduct street outreach, workshops, leadership development and produce multimedia educational materials to build the hope, skills, and knowledge necessary for people to access their constitutional rights when in contact with police.
The Right Source, Inc.
3814 S. King Drive, Suite 2
Chicago, IL
For 30 years, Deborah Minor Harvey has worked with a broad portfolio of businesses, and non-profit organizations. She founded the Right Source, Inc. to help leaders innovate for growth.
773-966-7937 or 312-933-7665
Taylar Barrington Consulting
I’ve created a life and career I love around this concept and I am now helping content creators turn their lemons into lemonades. Helping them solve real problems with strategy and tactics.
Audia Wells, MOB, SHRM-CP
815 W. 63rd St. Chicago, IL
Eric B. Horn
Felicia R. Shakespeare
Felicia Shakespeare

PO Box 528532

Chicago, IL 60652
Compatibility LLC
8650 N. Keeler Ave. Skokie, IL
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Compatibility LLC
Kimberley Rudd
8530 S Racine Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60620, United States
Rudd Resources LLC is a full-service communications consultancy that provides strategic business communications leadership and support to social enterprises, non-profit and philanthropic organizations, and business enterprises. Launched in 2003, we are a certified Minority Business Enterprise, and we proudly work from our office in the Auburn-Gresham neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side.