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"I learned more in my first three months as a member of the Englewood Accelerator about my business structure, and protecting my IP than three years at other incubator I was a member at formerlly."

James Quake
Quake Technology Inc.
"The coaching, education, access to multiple financial and business resources, and personal encouragement I received from the GECDC/SBDC led me to 1ST PLACE IN THE 2017 ENGLEWOOD BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION. The ongoing support I continue to receive is ensuring I bring all my ideas to life."

Felicia Alston
Owner and Instructor
Greater Englewood Community Development Corporation has been a great partner to Colony 5. They are a gracious host to our organization's mission and message; connecting us to valuable relationships and resources to achieve our goals for our businesses and community. The GECDC accelerator is the perfect atmosphere for organizational growth.
Steven C. Philpott Sr.
Colony 5

815 W. 63rd Street, Chicago, IL., 60621, 4th Floor 773-651-2400